Collaborative platform of 3D validated designs and blockchain traceabilit​

Democratize the process of access to technical documentation within a framework of trust for health professionals and citizens. Decentralize the production process making it scalable and safe.


Health professionals and citizens don’t have confidence that the protective equipment to which they have access comply with security guarantees, especially in situations where the production industry is unable to meet demand .

Objective 1

Achieving design standards validated by the scientific, technical, medical, and academic community and make them available to all agents with the ability to produce them.

Objective 2

Establishing a decentralized production system that allows it to be scaled to all parts of the ecosystem and allows the entire population to be reached in the shortest time.


Objective 3

Ensuring that traceability and security of both the design and production processes do not depend on a controlling agent but are decentralized, auditable, public and not modifiable using blockchain technology.

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To help us to emerge stronger from an unprecedented crisis and in which collaboration and citizen participation become key pieces.